1. The advantages of police drone

1) Community Civilian Police Application

       With its low cost, easy handling, high flexibility, and stability, the drone can complete tasks such as air monitoring, daily patrolling, searching and tracking, which is favored by the police department. Public security officers and armed police use drones to deal with sudden social incidents. While the traffic police department uses drones to manage traffic. And special police department uses drones to conduct aerial reconnaissance and arrest criminals. In the future, police drones will assist various police departments to play a more important role in the field of public safety.

2. The solution of the police drone system

Regular inspection in the public domain: drones carry photoelectric, infrared pods and other monitoring equipment to conduct daily inspection of jurisdictions, save police manual work, and keep abreast of public safety condition.


Control of the incidents of gathering people: The drones fly over the target area of the accident to carry out all-round uninterrupted monitoring of the target area, which provides a prerequisite for the public security officers to fully control the situation.


Large-scale gathering monitoring: The drone carrying photoelectric pods can provide high-definition images for the air monitoring of the venue, and can be quickly maneuvered to any required area, search for suspicious persons and vehicles on the ground, and provide strong air information guarantee. Once an unexpected situation occurs, the drone can discover it for the first time, greatly improving the efficiency of emergency handling.


Journalism and communication: After the drone is equipped with an aerial delivery device, it can deliver special items, such as spreading flyers, transmitting information to the ground personnel and can achieve rumbling effects. The small-rotor drone can also be used to send out government messages by transmitting digital sounds.


2) Public security criminal application

Aerial reconnaissance: UAV can carry equipment such as photoelectric pod, and carry out covert reconnaissance in certain target areas that cannot be dispatched for some reason, to prepare for the police's next move.


Hunt off criminal: The drone can track and monitor the criminals no matter what kind of method they choose. And it can also be equipped with infrared equipment to monitor night fugitives and scan the suspects hiding in the jungle.


3) Anti-terrorism application

Anti-terrorism deployment: In response to sudden violence and anti-terrorism incidents, drones can quickly arrive at the scene to obtain on-site conditions and provide real-time key information for anti-terrorism deployment.


Large-scale stadium deployment: Using the UAV oblique photography technology, the venue can be three-dimensional, and the terrorist interception simulation and sniper layout simulation can be performed in the three-dimensional model.


4) Traffic police application

Road condition inspection: The drone is equipped with equipment such as photoelectric pods to inspect the road conditions of special periods or key sections, and timely adjust the deployment of police forces through patrol conditions to alleviate road conditions.


Traffic guidance: When faced with holidays, accidents, weather and other factors that cause road congestion on the highway, the police cannot rush to the scene, but with the aerial photography equipment to identify the scene of the accident, you can use the drone to carry megaphones, lights and other equipment to guide the passing vehicles, which can quickly alleviate the traffic situation.


Illegal capturing: The video and speed measuring equipment carried on the drone can identify the illegal behavior of the vehicle in an all-round way and effectively maintain the normal order of the highway.


Road inspection: with autonomous flight, multi-unit network, and other working methods, the drone can not only complete the highway patrolling task quickly but also ensure the uninterrupted patrol video frequency throughout the day, and immediately discover waste objects on the road and surrounding condition, greatly improving the efficiency of work of the road administration department.