Product introductin

        Honeycomb Aerospace has the leading domestic level in small satellite independent R&D, manufacturing, space testing, launch services and so on. Combining satellite with BeiDou navigation, Internet, digital mapping and other technologies to the logistics industry as the starting point will certainly broaden the boundaries of small satellite and logistics industry, and also create a green ecological industry chain to achieve new development of the industry.

       · The company provides design, manufacturing and launch services for microsatellites, participates in the European Space Agency's QB50 program, and has a good technical accumulation in satellite platform design and launch.

       · Micro-nanosatellites can be used in communications, military, environmental and disaster monitoring, transportation, meteorological services, scientific experiments, deep space exploration, teaching, and scientific research.

Technical capability

 Satellite Platform + Payload Integration             Launch Service of Ground                                   Scientific experiments, 

                                                                         Measurement and Control System                          commercial applications              On-orbit Testing of Space-grade Components

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System Composition