HC-140 Fixed-wing UAV

Accurate and Efficient application

HC-140 UAV adopts engine push-back layout which provides high aerodynamic efficiency, convenient assembly, and transportation. The airframe of the whole aircraft adopts advanced manufacturing technology of aviation composite material, which has high structural strength, good fatigue resistance, long service life, and beautiful appearance. It can be used in emergency disaster reduction, border surveillance, maritime reconnaissance, anti-drug, anti-smuggling, pipeline inspection, aerial photography and aerial survey, land security rights and so on.
Max Take-off weight: 150 kg
Endurance: > 8h

HC-110 Fixed-wing UAV

Hand-thrown take-off , light weight and portable

HC-110 fixed-wing UAV system is a small fixed-wing UAV product made with Kevlar composite materials. Equipped with relevant monitoring equipment which can be used for land mapping, single-man reconnaissance, border patrol, forest fire-prevention, agricultural plant protection, and pipeline inspection
Max take-off weight: <6kg
Endurance: 60 minutes

HC-118 Hand-throwing Fixed-wing UAV

Excellent Autonomous Flight Performance

HC-118 fixed-wing UAV adopts one-button takeoff mode. Full autonomous flight can be achieved or manually remotely piloted. Parachute recovery after completion of a task. simple operation and use, reliable and durable performance. It can use the configuration of one station and two machines to operate through ground control equipment, cooperate with the information software system installed in the monitoring and management station to complete the task of patrolling operation area, acquiring target information and taking photos and forensics.
Maximum Mission Load 800g
Duration 70-90 min

HC-132 Fixed-wing UAV

HC-132 UAV system is mainly for power, petroleum, agriculture, forestry, maritime, public security, fire protection and other industries. It meets users'needs in the areas of regional monitoring, pipeline inspection, aerial photography, emergency rescue and disaster relief, emergency command and other fields.
Max Take-off Weight: 90kg
Endurance: 5.5h