Exhibition | Honeycomb Aerospace unveiled the 5th Tianjin Direct Expo


2019年10月10日,A series of products from Honeycomb Aerospace was unveiled at The 5th Tianjin Helicopter Exposition.

01 Exhibition related

The 5th Tianjin Helicopter Exposition officially held in the Tianjin Airport Economic Zone, bringing together more than 400 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions around the world.

The Exposition continues to highlight the specialization and international features, and carefully organize various exhibitions, forums, business negotiations, experiences and other activities. The total exhibition area was 160,000 square meters, including 30,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area and 20,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area. Focus on the display of advanced helicopters, engines, airborne equipment (including avionics and electromechanical equipment), drones, simulators, spare parts, ground equipment and services at home and abroad, and further improve the business environment to form " International Helicopter Grand Show."

02 展会盛况


Army Leaders visit Honeycomb Aerospace Products


Chairman of the Honeycomb Aerospace Li Wei exchanges business discussion with the Guests


On-site guests learn about Honeycomb Aerospace Products


On-site foreign guests visit the Honeycomb Aerospace Products


On-site foreign guests visit the Honeycomb Aerospace Products


On-site guests visited the Honeycomb Aerospace Products

03 Honeycomb products

The Honeycomb Aerospace UAV products were unveiled at the show, including the most popular Smart UAV Inspection System, Fire-Extinguisher drone, and hybrid-electric drones.

HC-342 electric fire-extinguisher version of the six-rotor UAV is a self-developed emergency rescue industry application drone. The whole machine is efficient and stable, adapts to various harsh environments, and can carry three fire-fighting missiles to perform fire rescue missions. The optical sighting system can effectively attack targets within 100m and is suitable for high-rise fire, forest fire-prevention, fire breakout and other tasks. Due to its large payload capacity, reliable flight and common platform, other heavy-duty loads can also be used for emergency rescue. , electromagnetic detection, anti-terrorism, radiation monitoring and other tasks


HC-342 Hybrid Electric UAV

The Smart UAV Inspection System belongs to the emerging application mode. Through its application, it can reduce personnel input and improve operation efficiency, and provide powerful support for large-scale deployment of multi-rotor UAVs, such as highways, urban roads, security warehouses, petroleum, pipeline, coastal inspection and other application environments provide a more convenient and intelligent solution, also appeared in this exhibition.